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01 April 2019 — Thrilled to announce shooting has begun on The Gloaming. It’s a story that we hope lives up to the Sweet Potato Films Pty Ltd promise to ‘always look for the extraordinary’ and brings together elements of crime, gothic drama, and the supernatural that truly excite me and my team as #storytellers.

The origins of The Gloaming come from a long fascination with my own family’s convict history. The sense of fear and superstition they brought with them to such a remote island at the end of the world. The prevalence of ’witches marks’ inside old colonial buildings and homes bear witness to this.

But there is also a deeper connection in The Gloaming that originates with my own mother who passed away earlier this year. Whilst not a religious woman, my mum was none the less a superstitious one, with the kind of beliefs that are engrained in habit, her Welsh heritage, and a hard life.

Superstitions are really an effort to impose order on chaos, to feel you have control when you are otherwise powerless. Superstitions come from fear and grief, longing and loss. They are small gestures and story fragments that give rise to empowering ideas of ritual, magic, and myth.

My island home of #Tasmania is a mythic landscape. One of haunting beauty and also marred by a long history of trauma. Time passes but grief lingers. Yet within this there is always hope and what we have tried to explore in The Gloaming is a mysterious, thrilling path into that question of whether we can find forgiveness out of sorrow.

To this, The Gloaming is fundamentally a ghost story. The past we are afraid to speak aloud in the bright light of day is the same past that lingers in the gloaming — the space between light and dark. The characters in our story are all touched by otherness and in the shadow of grief, yet resisting and finding their own rituals to overcome tragedy.

I’m thrilled to bring that story to the screen. To be able to live and work and tell stories of the place where I was born is great privilege. And moreover, to take those stories to the world with great production partners. It’s certainly an exciting time to be making #television.